• Dear Valued Customers,

    We would like to take this opportunity to show our appreciation, for your constant support and patronage. Killiney Kopitiam was first established in 1919, selling the most basic breakfast set with coffee, tea and bread toast. However, it was the refinement and simplicity of our breakfast sets that set us apart and won the hearts of an extraordinary group of customers. Our customers have come to realize that it is not just a simple breakfast set we are selling; it is also all the hard work that we have put into creating each and every breakfast set that touches their hearts.

    In fact, we treat every single customer as our friend; a very special bond that we built between us over the years. We take pride in serving every customer and always hope to see the delighted faces of our customers as they received our food and services. Even a simple smile from our customer can really brighten up our day. Our customers have become our motivation, constantly encouraging and reminding us to continue to strive for the best. What we can then do for you, our treasured friend, is to put our utmost best in serving you a basic breakfast set and many local delights that could warm and touch your heart. With appreciation and gratitude, we would like to thank you for being our friend.