Frequently Asked Questions:

  • General Information
  • Products Support
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Investment Detail
  • Operational Concerns

1. How do I apply for a Killiney business franchise?
Please fill in the Franchise Application Form.

2. What type of franchises do Killiney offer?
For the local market, Killiney is looking for Single or more Unit Franchise to be a partner for PT. Adri Utama Karya (Master Franchise Killiney for Indonesia)

3. May I know more about the franchise fee?
There are two types of fees
a. Single Unit Fee – this is for the opening of a single franchised unit (Every 5 years).
b. Royalties – this is a percentage of nett sales receipts (monthly).

4. Will there be an advertising cost?
Advice will be provided on ways to develop effective marketing strategies based on our franchisee's budget. However, our franchisees have to participate in any joint advertising with all other outlets.

5. Do I need to find my own shop space?
You need to. We can also provide assistance.

6. How big should the outlet size be?
For operational efficiency, the recommended outlet size should be between 40 up to 120 m2. Larger outlet sizes can be considered if there is a demand.

7. Do I require any F&B experience to run a Killiney outlet?
F&B experience will be an advantageous, however it is not necessary as we will provide training and guide you in running the outlet.

8. Will there be start-up assistance?
Starting up of any business is always the toughest, however we have the expertise and know-how to assist you in starting up your business.

9. Is it easy to operate Killiney outlet?
Our Killiney franchise system is an appealing one, as we offer a proven system of operation. You do not need a trained chef to operate a Killiney outlet as the food preparation process is relatively simple. Full training is provided before store opening.

10. Can I know more about your product range?
Killiney Indonesia supply a range of ideas in terms products that each franchisee must sell.

11. How often do you review and change your products?
We have a systematic procedure to review and update our products on a regular basis.

12. Can I buy products from other suppliers to sell?
No, you must only buy products from our list of approved suppliers. This is to ensure that the end-product sold to your customers meets the high standards set by Killiney.

13. What are the dos and don'ts of a franchisee?
It is all stated in the Franchise Agreement. It is essential for our franchisee to cooperate and work closely with us, with this we can build a stronger brand.

14. What are the penalties if a franchisee breaks a rule?
The penalties are stated in the Franchise Agreement, and we will take actions accordingly.

15. What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?
Term of the agreement is 5 years between Master Franchise and Franchisee

16. What is the required amount of capital?
Currently a standard outlet requires about IDR 250 Million and IDR 550 Million depending on the area (m2) and type of Outlets. We will update for changes

17. What is the coverage of my capital investment?
Equipments including Instalation,IT Systems, Design, Legal, Accomodation and franchise fee,

18. How long it takes to see the returns of my investment and what are the guarantees of success?
Starting a business always comes with risk. The way of operating your business greatly determines the success of your business. There are no guarantees of success.

19. After setting up the shop, will I receive other support from the franchisor?
Killiney will provide supports like ongoing product development, advice on advertising & promotions, technical service and troubleshooting.

20. What is the required number of employees for a shop?
Two shifts of 6 to 8 workers each. This may vary depending on type of outlets

21. Can one franchisee open multiple outlets in different locations?
We will only consider letting the franchisee run multiple outlets if the existing outlet is operated well and the franchisee abide the terms and conditions stated in the Franchise Agreement. In such cases, we will then evaluate other aspects before approving such requests Separate franchise agreements and fees will apply, if the franchisee is running multiple outlets.