Our vision is to keep the “Kopitiam” tradition going for this generation and for the many generations to come. As we hope that this timeless tradition shall remain and shared, for all to experience.

Mission Statement
Killiney Kopitiam's goal is to offer quality products and services at affordable prices while preserving the Hainanese tradition. This unique blend of the traditional and the modern Kopitiam is an unforgettable experience, bringing you back to the good old days. Our philosophy is actually based on our strong bonds with our customers. It is hence essential for us to review our customers' opinion with regards to the products and services that we provide. Based on your appreciated feedbacks, we strive for continual improvement in providing better quality products and services. In order to achieve our goals, we aim to:

  • Provide quality food and beverages to customers at affordable prices.
  • Constantly gather valued feedbacks from customers and translate these into products and services where possible to fulfill the ever-changing needs of our customers
  • Achieve customer satisfaction by providing good customer service.
  • Preserve our Kopitiam tradition.